Our History

  After being released into ministry in 2013, we started in the lounge of Pastors Deon & Abigail Segers with 8 people.

   After that into a shack on a boyscouts ground where we grew rapidly & purchased our first auditorium.

    Pastor Deon & Abigail got saved in 1995 & served for 12 years as leaders in a local church.

Our Apostolic Covering Pastors Deon & Abigail Segers



Our mission is touching one life,to one family,tocommunities,cities and the world,having a kingdom impact.Bringing the household from membership to sonship to kingship.



Our vision to be a mighty people of faith,who seek the heart of God through worshipping,witnessing & sharing the love of Christ,God’s son with the world.



Our value is to value each one with careful thought & perfect love,pulling and pushing you into your future and not your past.